We do not give sensitive references in the field of foreign trade

As our main field of work is very sensitive, we do not mention any references. Our clients do not wish for that and we respect their request. We are always ready to demonstrate our trade experiences with specific commodities and territories to relevant prospects,
who are interest in our services or have in cooperation with us.

In year 2015 we started to engage in preparation and organisation of special trainings.
A year later we've started cooperation with the top-notch European company
CyberGym Europe and in some regions we become authorised reseller of their services.

In 2016 we participated in two projects that utilize our expert knowledge of ensuring security of travellers in sensitive regions. We took part in production of the short vide Bezpečně v Riu (Stay safe in Rio) and other sets derived from it.. The second project is the design of the structure and functionality of the CZ Help solution, and management of entire CZ Helpp project. CZ Help will help tourist in complicated destinations - the first phase is intended for tourists visiting Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics. Other participatns in CZ Help project are among others:
CS Safe Solutions s.r.o. and Principal engineering s.r.o. 

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