We're professionals

We do things which we understand. We run projects in collaboration with excellent external experts. Not plunging headfirst into adventures, we purposefully search for new challenges.

Our primary domain is an area of special and aviation equipment and software. Our experts have been engaged in this discipline since 1993, originally in other companies and organisations. In 2015 we have started to pursue special trainings and drills in the field of IT safety, including SCADA safety and various seminars for users travelling with sensitive data.

Another area that we cover is the development of services based on
software, call centres and remote support.

Our services will help you meet legal requirements for trade 
with sensitive or controlled commodities and services.

We think not only about, but intstead of our client. We think forward and around the corner, trying to predict and prevent issues so we do not have to solve them afterwards. We work only with the best.